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Boards Of Canada's New Album 'Tomorrow's Harvest' Revealed

The mystery has been unlocked, and Scottland's dark noise makers Boards of Canada's new album Tomorrow's Harvest has been revealed. This will be their first album in almost a decade following The Campfire Headphase.

After mysterious codes began to appear on Record Store Day on their mostly-silent 12", a lot of speculation arose about the new album. Eventually after numerous codes were cracked and eventually placed into their new website Coschea-Tramsmisiones (with this password: 699742628315717228936557813386519225), links to a video and Bleep preorder page appeared. 

Boards of Canada's new album Tomorrow's Harvest will be out in the United Kingdom on June 10, 2013 and in the United States June 11, 2013 via Warp Records.


01. Gemini

02. Reach For The Dead

03. White Cyclosa

04. Jacquard Causeway

05. Telepath

06. Cold Earth

07. Transmisiones Ferox

08. Sick Times

09. Collapse

10. Palace Posy

11. Split Your Infinites

12. Uritual

13. Nothing Is Real

14. Sundown

15. New Seeds

16. Come To Dust

17. Semena Mertvykh


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