Boards Of Canada To Release New Double Album?

    Man, it feels like forever since Boards Of Canada dropped their previous album, 2005’s great The Campfire Headphase. But it appears that we just might be hearing new music from the Scottish electronic duo sometime soon. And when it gets here, it might arrive as a double album…?! That’s what BBC6 Music’s Peter Serafinowicz said on his radio show earlier this month, according to music blog 2020k. Here’s the transcript from the show:

    “I’m gonna play some Board of Canada now. I’m a bit of a Boards of Canada evangelist. They’re my favorite band, I think. Maybe them and The Beatles. But, they are a band, again, a bit like The Fall. It’s like once you get into them, or rather, once something clicks you just wanna hear everything they’ve released. This track I’m gonna play, it’s from their last full album, which is The Campfire Headphase from 2005. They’ve got a new album coming out soon and I think it’s gonna be a double album and I’m so excited, I really am-to hear their new one. Um, I just love them.”

    Please, please, PLEASE let this be true. [FACT]