Boards Of Canada Confirm New Album Via Facebook

    A few weeks ago comedian Peter Serafinowicz let slip on his BBC 6 Music show that a new Boards of Canada album may be on the way. It’s been a long time since The Campfire Headphase in 2005, and this was the first semi-concrete news that a follow-up was going to appear in the not-too distant future.

    Now, it appears Boards of Canada has confirmed this story, through a simple posting on the Facebook group for the band. A fan named Tyron Power posed the question on there: “Rumors of a new BOC are rife? Any truth in this?” To which the band simply posted the word “Yes” in response. 

    Naturally, this triggered a whole string of excited fan responses, and a frenzied use of the “like” button under the BOC comment, which stands at 456 “likes” at the time of writing this post. That’s a whole lot of likes. No further news is forthcoming at present, but this is exciting news from a band that only gets more influential as the years pass. That whole “hauntological” thing that happened a few years back? Totally their fault. [via FACT]

    Update: Pitchfork received word from Warp Records that we shouldn’t expect to hear this new album anytime soon: “They are definitely working on new material, but there is nothing in the cards at the moment in terms of a scheduled release.”