Blur’s Dave Rowntree Not Elected to U.K. Parliament

    Blur drummer Dave Rowntree made a valiant attempt at gaining a seat in the U.K. parliament during their elections yesterday (May 6). He stood as the Labour candidate in the Cities of London and Westminster borough, but ultimately lost out to the Conservative candidate, Mark Field.


    Rowntree gained 8,188 votes in the election, which wasn’t enough to topple Field, who gained 11,076. “I came second, vote held up well,” he wrote on Twitter, no doubt a little disheartened by the outcome, as most Labour supporters would have been across the country yesterday.


    This was the first time Rowntree ran as a parliamentary candidate, although he has campaigned in local elections in the past. Perhaps those rumors of further Blur reunion dates—which presumably wouldn’t have happened if Rowntree had been elected—now look appetizing once again to the drummer?  


    [via NME]