Blur Unlikely to Play More Reunion Shows

    There’s disappointment in the air for Blur fans, particularly for those outside the U.K. who didn’t get to see their recent reunion. The band has announced that there will be no more shows, with guitarist Graham Coxon already going back to resume his successful solo career.


    Bass player Alex James says there are no plans to record new Blur material, and they don’t intend to return to the stage. “[We have not talked about] doing anything else whatsoever,” he said “[The gigs were] what we said we’d do and we did it and it was great. It hasn’t been mentioned the idea of doing anything else but hey, it was great.”


    Coxon played a solo show as part of the iTunes Festival in London last night (July 23), where he played a set that mostly consisted of songs from his recent album, The Spinning Top. Don’t completely rule out the prospect of more Blur shows just yet, but it’s looking less and less likely to happen.