Blur set to play huge reunion show in London

    It’s been difficult to get the original members of Britpop figureheads Blur into the same room in the past decade or so. Guitarist Graham Coxon has been concentrating on his solo career, drummer Dave Rowntree has tried (and failed) to become a politician, bass player Alex James has written a book and sold some cheese, and singer Damon Albarn has been working on a number of different projects.

    A rumored reunion has been on the cards for the last few months, and today the band has announced it is getting back together. Blur will play a sizable reunion show in Hyde Park in London on July 3, 2009, allowing people to wistfully recall the heady days of Britpop. The band members elaborate on their plans in this exclusive video on, which James says is “gonna be a bit like putting the A-Team back together for a job.”


    Blur are one of the first original Britpop bands to reform, which begs the question: who’s next? Albarn’s ex-girlfriend Justine Frischmann has been quiet of late, apart from her collaborations with M.I.A. But don’t expect Elastica to open for Blur at Hyde Park. Jarvis Cocker has been busy with his solo project, so a Pulp reunion seems a long way off. A reunion of proto Britpoppers Suede seems more likely, with Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler famously burying their feud to produce the Tears album a few years back.


    And yes, that is Blur dressed as Blondie in the picture accompanying this post. [NME]