Blur And Gorillaz Not Finished, Probably, Says Damon Albarn

    Earlier this month, the Guardian published an interview with Damon Albarn that had strong hints that Albarn was hanging up Blur and Gorillaz, and moving on to new business. However, in a new interview with Metro, Albarn openly negates that interview, saying it was “an interesting take on a very long conversation.” 

    Apparently, according to the new interview, Blur aren’t done, they just don’t have any plans after a show in London at Hyde Park this August. And Gorillaz aren’t done: He and artist Jamie Hewlett are just having a bit of a fight right now. Here’s what he said on that:

    “When Jamie [Hewlett] and I have worked out our differences, I’m sure we’ll make another record… We’ve been through too much together for it to be that big of a mountain to climb. We’ve just fallen out like mates do sometimes. I’m not the only person to fall out with mates and then make up again — everyone does it.”

    So, there you have it. Blur and Gorillaz have no future plans, but they aren’t finished. [Stereogum]