Blu Explains The Meaning Of ‘NoYork!’

    “It’s not a state, it’s a state of mind,” Blu repeats through the above explanation of the title of his forthcoming album, NoYork! With an 8-bit-leaning beat behind him, the West Coast rapper dives into a number of topics surrounding his fondness for the East Coast. For one, he says that he’s been hearing that his style is “way too East Coast” ever since he started rapping. But maybe it’s because that’s the kind of hip-hop — “the lyrical-miracle shiest,” Blu — he listened to until Planet Asia apparently turned him on to Cali-based rap. The video kind of veers off in different, likely weed-induced directions at times, but it’s great to see that NoYork! is getting a push like this. Maybe, just maybe, this means the album will actually drop in the coming months.