Blow Your Head… Again! Diplo Announces Zine Showcasing Foreign Music Cultures

    Ever wondered about the people that create the music you listen to: the lives they lead, the situations they grew up in, the unique ways they let loose? Well, Diplo certainly has. And with his sidekick/photographer Shane McCauley, the two have set out to visually showcase foreign musical cultures.

    This ongoing project by Diplo arguably began in 2009 when he released the bass-heavy Blow Your Head (Vol. 1), a quinessential dubstep mix for Downtown Records. The ongoing idea has come out in smaller projects by the two, such as this summer’s 128 Beats Per Minute Exhibition at Milk Gallery in NYC, but much of it remains inaccessible for most of us.

    On Oct. 1 the tireless duo will release the first visual volume of Blow Your Head, a zine that will showcase the lifestyles of foreign musicians, beginning with Dancehall from Trenchtown, Jamaica. Each of the subsequent volumes will focus on a different group of players from a different part of the world. At 96 pages and limited to just 1500 copies, the zines won’t last long so be sure to pre-order. Also, don’t miss the Blow your Head launch party!

    October 10th @ 7 pm
    Diplo and Shane McCauley signing at FAMILY
    436 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036

    For now, catch a sneak peek of the zine: