Blonde Redhead Scoring Film About Dungeons & Dragons



    The past year has been a quiet one for Kazu Makino and twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace—the three folks who make up Blonde Redhead. It’s close to three years since 23 was issued on 4AD, but the band members haven’t been idle. In fact, they’ve undertaken an unusual pursuit by composing the score to a documentary about Dungeons & Dragons.


    The movie is titled The Dungeon Masters, and was directed by Keven McAlester, who helmed the Roky Erickson film You’re Going to Miss Me. The trailer above hints that the film will be released sometime in February, although it’s not clear how much (if any) of Blonde Redhead’s music features in this short clip.


    But judging from this trailer, the collection of freaks who appear in the film, including one rotund chap who seems to be totally naked, and a woman with Klingon ears and a face full of black paint (apparently going blackface is totally okay in the world of D&D), will make this well worth the price of admission.


    More details about the film available here.


    [via The Playlist]