Bloggers try to will Apple phone into existence, Microsoft hints at handset

    So many folks believed in a widescreen and / or touchscreen video iPod that you could hear the collective sigh around the world when Apple failed to unveil one. Bloggers have also been making noise about an Apple iPhone for some time now. Notorious leaker of Apple intel Think Secret claims that Apple will drop a phone in ’07, announcing the device at the Macworld Expo in January. They also claim it will leave behind the 100 song limit that doomed the Motorola ROKR to failure.
    Microsoft’s PR folks clearly like to mess with peoples’ heads – they haven’t even launched their music player yet, and have mentioned the Zune brand will feature a phone at some point. Further details were withheld, but it’s never too soon to start promoting vaporware products.
    It’s still tough to say what market there is for music phones. The LG “Chocolate” phone has sold well in Asia and Europe, due more perhaps to style than its music playing capabilities. Time will tell if their television spots featuring “Sinuous Ad Music Provider” Goldfrapp and “I can’t believe this annoyingly voiced British rapper is the next big thing” Lady Sovereign will help push the Chocolate in the U.S. In the meantime, except for the geeks who like to make their Treo smartphone an MP3 player, most folks will keep their music players and phones separate.
    (Please note that the artist assessments above do not represent the feelings of Prefix as a whole. One staffer in particular has pledged to marry Lady Sovereign, in fact.)