Bloggers seeking reason for Apple’s continued use of DRM

     Months after their biggest competitors have gone totally DRM free, iTunes continues to sell songs with proprietary software attached. While countless music fans tethered to iPods are long past seeking an answer,  the good folks at Hypebot have offered the following reasons for Apple’s commitment to what has quickly become an outmoded technology:

    1. THEY CAN’T –  Some labels hate Steve Jobs so much that they want to give competitors the DRM free edge.
    2. THEY DON’T HAVE TO – Sales at iTunes continue to grow.  Why make the switch?
    3. THEY DO WANT TO –  Jobs wants to control to keep the Apple iPod iPhone iTunes ecosystem as closed as possible as long as possible. After all, it helps sell stuff.

     Whatever the reason, Apple’s continued success in the market indicates that if they ever do drop DRM, it will be driven by their own needs rather than the demands of unsatisfied customers. [Hypebot]