Blogger’s Search For Woodstock Baby Instead Highlights John Sebastian’s Drug Use

    One of the most indelible moments in Woodstock is when John Sebastian announced from the stage that a baby had been born at the festival. The child would have been a touchstone for the three days of love and music, and his or her life would have served as an interesting commentary on the lasting effects of the Sixties. As blogger Joel Makower recently found out after an exhaustive search, however, there is one slight problem: no child was born at Woodstock. Though various stories have been floating around for years, none have ever been substantiated and no person has ever come forward claiming to have been born at Woodstock. And what of Sebastian’s famous proclamation? Apparently he was “tripping” on illegal drugs, espousing the kind of behavior Nancy Reagan warned us about on those episodes of Diff’rent Strokes.[Joel Makower]