Blogger takes life into own hands by including Seagal on Worst Celebrity Album list

    The shocking thing here is not that Steven Seagal’s Mojo Priest made a list of the ten worst celebrity albums, but that it only came in at number eight. While the ill-fated forays of Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jamie Sigler, and Naomi Campbell probably deserve to be near the front of the pack, Jennifer Love Hewitt (unjustly placed at number one) was just a mixed up kid trying to find her way in the cold, cold entertainment industry. If we have finally forgiven Leif Garrett and John Travolta, should we not show the same respect to her, especially after all the joy she’s brought via Ghost Whisperer? The other sore thumb is David Hasselhoff coming in at number five. The Hoff’s singing is so powerful that he has entire magazines devoted to him in Germany. His diversification of his greatness does not deserve to be lumped in with Deion Sanders, Ron Artest and Bruce Willis. The list is pretty comprehensive otherwise, but one wonders how bad the deep tracks on these albums had to be in order to let some other stars off the hook. Somewhere Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas are breathing sighs of relief about how Eddie Murphy’s record was in the second half. [King]