Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke Set To Release World’s First 3D-Printed Record

    Between a steady solo career and Bloc Party’s all-too-brief reunion, Kele Okereke has gradualy come back to the spotlight in the last couple of years. Now it seems like the British musician is dead set on making history. Joined by R&B singer Bobbie Gordon, Okereke is about to release the world’s first 3D-printed record. The long-term impact of “Down Boy,” available in December as a limited-edition single from selected UK pop-up record stores, could be quite revolutionary. Given the high cost of pressing vinyl, the medium has proved most elusive for DIY artists. The advent of 3D printing could possibly move it closer to the realm occupied by the cassette and the CD-R: easily reproducible and infinitely customizable. 

    Check out the song on Soundcloud and a promo video from Amanda Ghassaei, detailing  the process of 3D record printing: