Bloc Party Ending Hiatus In September

    According to guitarist Russell Lissack, Bloc Party’s two-year hiatus is about be over: Lissack says that the band is going to head back into the studio in September, after taking time off following their third album, Intimacy. 

    “Kele and I started working on Bloc Party stuff together and separately,” he said. He added: “We’re having a bit of a break until the festivals are over, because people have commitments during the summer, but we’re going to get back properly in September and sit in a rehearsal studio to work on new band material.”

    The band hasn’t been quiet in the time off: Frontman Kele Okerke had a solo album, and Lissack played with Ash. This is still in the “maybe” category, but fans of buzzing post-punk could have something to look forward to. [NME]