Bloc Party dropping CD singles, everyone asks, “They still make those?”

    In an interview with BBC 6Music, Bloc Party bassist Gordon Moakes has announced that after the band’s current single, “Talons,” the band will not be releasing singles on a CD format any more.


    "We’re talking now about not doing anymore physical formats for singles, meaning we won’t have anymore eligible singles after ‘Talons’," Moakes said, despite the 2007 chart rule change that allows downloads to count towards the main chart. "I think the days are gone where you can really make a splash in the charts, being a band like us. Music was never a competition. One decision might be to not get involved in that and put out non-eligible things on purpose."


    As noted in the NME story that the above portion was taken from, downloads can count towards the charts, meaning Moakes believes his band is going the anti-single, anti-chart route, while remaining chart and single-eligible. It seems like Moakes is just trying to make the point that Bloc Party have gone digital and are serious about their albums, man.


    Certainly, music isn’t a competition, especially when Bloc Party can get jacked by Katy Perry on the charts. If “Talons” was the number one single in the U.K, I’m sure Moakes would be pretty pro-chart and pro-single right about now. [NME]