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Blind U2 Fan Plays Guitar With Bono Onstage

Bono is, as articulated by South Park, a guy that you want to hate, but who does so many good things that hating him seems impossible and mean. Case in point: He recently performed with U2 in Nashville, and he saw a blind fan up front who had a sign that said he wanted to play guitar with the band. At the end of the band's show, Bono invited the fan, Adam Bevell, onstage to play "All I Want is You," and the video above is pure triumph of the human spirit, and all that other kind of treacle that I don't want to write but is impossible not to feel here. This is the kind of thing that will continue to be recommended to you by your mom months after it happened. She will say, "U2 played with a blind fan, and I cried during the video." And you will say, "Me too. Seven months ago."   

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