Blank Dogs Rarities Compilation, ‘Collected By Itself: 2006-2009,’ Due April 26

    Mike Sniper, aka Blank Dogs, cleaned up his sound and embraced hi-fidelity last October with the release of Land And Fixed. Before then, the Brooklyn native was one of the more “mysterious” artists around, though he admittedly never wanted that to be the case.


    According to a press release: “The anonymous thing happened in the very beginning because I didn’t even have a backing band to play shows with,” Sniper said. “It led to some ridiculous rumors-that I wear a mask onstage, that I’m Stephen Malkmus…funny stuff.”


    During that time of mystery, he began catching a steadily increasing buzz through the release of EPs, singles, and lo-fi, melodic recordings. And Sniper’s just announced that many of those tunes have been compiled on Collected By Itself: 2006-2009. It’s a collection of out-of-print singles, EPs, and tracks from cassettes and compilations, with none of the cuts coming from Sniper’s previous full-lengths. They also hail from before his sound became a bit cleaner, so that air of thick white noise is heard throughout.


    You can get a taste of that noise by streaming the track “Slow Room!” below. The compilation is due out April 26. View the track list below the Soundcloud widget.



    Collected By Itself: 2006-2009 track listing:


    01 Leaving the Light On
    02 Slow Room!
    03 Two Months
    04 Before the Hours
    05 Keeping All The Time
    06 Freezing Styles
    07 1480 Fox
    08 The Tied
    09 She’s Violent Tonight
    10 Dismorphobia
    11 Doorbell Fire
    12 The Other Way
    13 Calling Over
    14 Yellow Mice Sleep
    15 Outside Alarmer
    16 Waiting
    17 My House is Red
    18 Butler Hospital
    19 Poison Ivy
    20 Scenes In a New Town
    21 Anywhere
    22 They Said
    23 Ages Ago
    24 Mirror Lights
    25 Splitting
    26 Leaves
    27 Stuck Inside the World