Blame Jay-Z: 3,000 Glastonbury tickets unsold with days left before fest

    The once mighty Glastonury Festival—the largest grass field music festival in the world, has had a tumultuous year of planning, between fighting between Oasis’s Noel Gallagher and Jay-Z over the place of hip-hop at the fest, and poor sales due to previous years’ weather resulting in tickets being sold at HMV (those still exist in Europe). Now, with the festival beginning on Friday and time running out, 3,000 seats of the festival’s 177,000 capacity is still up for sale.


    A lot is riding on this year’s festival, and those remaining 3,000 tickets in particular. With the tumultuous gossip page fodder the festival has gone through in past months, it would mean a lot if the festival did in fact sell out and went off swimmingly. The forecast seems to predict lots of humidity with scattered showers, or par for the course for a coastal English summer. Having the grand impresario of hip-hop is certainly a new direction for Glastonbury and a calculated risk, but odds are the festival itself can’t have as many problems as the speculatio.


    God save the Village Green! [Gigwise]