Black Thought Recording Solo EP, ‘The Talented Mr. Trotter’

    Black Thought recently sat down with the New York Post for a quick interview that came with quite a bit of good news for his fans. After going through some background information, such as his history as a singer, the Roots’ MC revealed that he has, in fact, been working on solo material. His fans have been waiting for more news about this for a while. His previously planned solo debut, Masterpiece Theatre, never came to fruition and we haven’t heard much about his planned collaboration with Danger Mouse called Dangerous Thoughts. But now after seeing the above interview, it’s apparent that Thought will be dropping a solo EP, The Talented Mr. Trotter, on Def Jam in, we’re hoping, the near future. He also has a mixtape with his rapping crew, the Money Making Jam Boys, due out next week so be sure to check back here for that.


    [Rap Radar]