Watch: Black Thought Raps About U.S. Open Winner Andy Murray (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)

    He became the first Scot to win a major tennis title since 1936, he won his career first Grand Slam and he beat one of the top ranked players in the world in doing so; but what was Andy Murray’s most memorable moment over the weekend? Without question, it was Black Thought freestyling about his recent success.

    On Tuesday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the U.S. Open champion was singled out within the studio audience, where Fallon bantered with him over whether he had a last name, what his favorite sport might be, and most obviously, had anything exciting happened in his life recently.

    And if anyone was unsure about that, the gigantic trophy he pulled from beneath his seat provided the answer. The previous night he had won the United State’s most prestigious tennis tournament; netting himself $1.9 million, and more importantly, status at Great Britain’s premiere Bad Ass.

    After collecting these critical details, Fallon hands Murray’s story over to his house band, The Roots, where they are tasked with performing his success to the tune of Scottish group the Proclaimers. And in predictably expert fashion, Questlove and Black Thought pull it off with stunning precision.

    Check the video out below and watch the Legendary Roots Crew rap about a Scottish tennis champion.