Black Sabbath Fan Freaks Out In Autograph Line

    As a child, you were always warned of the devil’s influence in rock and roll. Black Sabbath certainly fit that bill with their vaguely Satanic album covers, long scary hair, and blasphemous name–not to mention their clearly devil-inspired music.

    Apparently, not everyone heeded their mothers’ advice. While waiting in line at what appears to be a Guitar Center for autographs from his favorite band, a Black Sabbath super fan kind of freaks out. Actually, “kind of” doesn’t even begin to express his utter excitement about meeting the greatest metal band of all time. He starts randomly shouting out band members names–those in front wear expressions of “Yeah, dude, we know who’s in Black Sabbath”–and hyperventilating, before exclaiming “I’m gonna freaking faint!”

    The band members take it all in stride as perfect British gentlemen, though it should be noted they try to avoid eye contact. The whole thing reminds me of Chris Farley’s sweaty interview of Paul McCartney, but with more shouting and proclamations of “these guys are God!” I wonder how excited he’s going to be to see them at Lollapalooza this weekend. Watch it below. [Buzzfeed]