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Black Sabbath Apparently Was Set To Play Coachella, Had To Cancel Due To Iommi's Illness

So that Coachella bill? Looks pretty good, Dr. Dre and Snoop, Radiohead, and, hmm, The Black Keys? Sure the Keys are big band, but not exactly Coachella-headliner tier, especially for the first night. Well, apparently that might have something to do with the numerous reports that the reunited Black Sabbath were all set to headline until they were forced to pull out a day before the lineup was announced. The cancellation was allegedly due to Tony Iommi's recent lymphoma diagnosis, which is obviously a pretty good reason to cancel a tour. Black Sabbath would seem like a reasonable bet for Coachella, the festival always likes to shoot for the stars with their bookings, and Ozzy and co. would easily sell a lot of tickets. It should be said that a few years ago the festival brought in Prince as a late act to supersede Portishead’s headlining slot. It wouldn’t surprise me if something like that happens again this year. Anybody in particular you’d like to see? Keep in mind that Van Halen is currently reunited with David Lee Roth. [Billboard]

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