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Black Rob Reveals 'Game Tested, Streets Approved' Details

Black Rob returns with more details about his Duck Down debut, Game Tested, Streets Approved, two days after dropping its latest single, the surprisingly upbeat "Celebration." Those details include the simplistic-but-sharp album cover you can see to your left and the album's track listing. It appears that Black Rob is mostly going it alone on the record as Sean Price (!) is listed as the only guest rapper. After hearing the chorus to "Celebration," though, it's clear there are singers on the album. They just weren't named in the release we received. Anyway, judging by the track titles -- "Boiling Water," "Get Involved," and, um "Fuck Em" -- it looks like he is mostly on his aggro-rap shit.


The album drops July 26. View the track listing below.


01 Welcome Back 
02 Boiling Water 
03 Bumpin 
04 Can’t Make It In NY 
05 Showin Up 
06 Celebration 
07 Wanna Get Dough 
08 Get Involved 
09 Sand to the Beach 
10 Made Me a Man 
11 Fuck Em 
12 This Is What It Is 
13 Up North – This Is What It Is 
14 No Fear f. Sean Price 
15 Sh*t (iTunes Bonus) 
16 Stand Off (iTunes Bonus) 
17 Nothin (iTunes Bonus)

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