Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Bassist Fined For Accidentally Injuring Concertgoer

    You know what they say: It’s all fun and games until a rock star accidentally throws a water bottle at your bad eye and you have to have ocular surgery. Again.


    That’s what happened at a May 5, 2010, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club concert in Munich when bassist Robert Levon Been casually threw his half-empty water bottle over his shoulder without looking (who does that? Aside from people in National Lampoon movies and WB cartoons, I mean?), but missed the garbage can and instead hit a concertgoer RIGHT IN HIS EYE. What’s more, the man – a victim of what must be the worst déjà vu ever – had already undergone a retinal transplant when he was 11, and this latest accident caused new damage to his retina and iris.


    A German judge decided last week that Been must pay €18,500 (a little more than $25,000) to cover costs for the injured concertgoer, and handed down a three month suspended sentence. It’s worth noting that Been had already, without any prodding from the court, offered to cover all of the victim’s related expenses.