Black Lips Talk New Album, Working With Mark Ronson

    According to this interview with Black Lips member Jared Swilley on Pitchfork, the band has finished sessions for its sixth album, having wrapper recording with Mark Ronson just a few days ago. The album is due for release early next year, and in the excerpt below, Swilley talks how a big-ish producer would hook up with a scuzzy punk band known for peeing onstage:


    Pitchfork: How did you decide to work with Ronson?


    JS: We’ve always self-produced all of our own stuff, just done it with just us and an engineer. Over the years, Vice had suggested working with a producer. We would always throw out names. Mark worked with them on that Creators Project. During that, they mentioned it. He seemed into it, and we were into it, so it fell in place.

    Pitchfork: Given the way your stuff has sounded in the past, it seems like it’s a pretty big departure for both of you. How would you characterize the new stuff?

    JS: He’s not changing a lot of the stuff we’re already doing. It was fun like that, because he was a fan of our music, and I like stuff that he’s done. It seems like we wouldn’t have a lot in common, but there’s no radical departure from anything. He just interjected other ideas that we hadn’t really tried. He’s working out different drum sounds or using microphones that we haven’t used before. So it’s been an interesting process.

    Pitchfork: Will the sound be cleaned up in relation to your older records?

    JS: It depends on your definition of “cleaned up.” It definitely won’t be as muddy as our last album, which we did ourselves in our warehouse. Anything will sound less muddy than that. I think it will sound a lot better than the last album.

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