Black Lips Releasing ‘Arabia Mountain’ June 7

    We have been reporting on Black Lips’ forthcoming sixth album since March 2010, when the band announced that they wanted to release it last summer. But the year came and went without any new music. We did, however, learn that the producers for most of the album’s tracks are Mark Ronson and Lockett Pundt, of Deerhunter. And today, we have also learned that the record is called Arabia Mountain and that it contains 16 tracks from the flower punks. Upon its release June 7, it will be the first album from the Atlanta-based group since 2009’s well received 200 Million Thousand.


    The track list is as follows.


    01 Family Tree
    02 Modern Art *
    03 Spidey’s Curse *
    04 Mad Dog *
    05 Mr. Driver *
    06 Bicentennial Man «
    07 Go Out And Get It «
    08 Raw Meat *
    09 Bone Marrow *
    10 The Lie *
    11 Time
    12 Dumpster Dive
    13 New DIrection *
    14 Noc-a-homa
    15 Don’t Mess My Baby *
    16 You Keep On Running

    * produced by Mark Ronson
    « produced by Lockett Pundt