Black Lips Hoping to Release New Album in Late Summer

    The Black Lips may not have endeared themselves to us following the release of 200 Million Thousand last year, but they are plowing on regardless. The band has an as-yet untitled album in the bag, which should be released sometime in the late summer according to this interview on Billboard.


    “I’m hoping we can get the record out by the end of summer,” Ian Saint Pe said. “September-October when school gets back in. That’s my prediction. They’ve been focused sessions. I’m already digging what we’ve got. I’ve read reviews where people say we haven’t changed, but, man, the wheel ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


    “We do what we do,” he continued. “It’ll sound like a Black Lips record; I can’t say much more than that. It’s got garage stuff, punk stuff, a little of that Atlanta hip-hop. It’s just who we are. I think it sounds good.” Bradford Cox and Lockett Pundt from Deerhunter are expected to feature on the album when it surfaces.