Black Lips flee India

    Whether or not having plastic bottles thrown at you onstage is a sign of admiration or disdain in India, the Black Lips have decided/been forced to leave the country, canceling the remaining three dates there, after an unrelated incident at a show in Chennai. The news comes in a MySpace blog post by the band, which details the situation thusly: after a rawkus show which included nude stage diving and inter-band member PDA, the Lips were threatened by loss of funding/sponsorship, police arrest, "tuberculosis, violence and live maggots." The good news that appears after these and other debacles is that the Black Lips took this opportunity to fly straight to Berlin (where nude stagediving and dude-love is totally acceptable) in order to record an E.P. with friend and fellow troublemaker King Kahn. No word yet on how this "cultural clashing shit storm" has affected U.S. – India relations.


    The future nonetheless looks bright for the Black Lips, who have a ton of live dates that they will hopefully not be arrested at, and an album coming out on Vice Records on February 24.