Black Keys Suing Ad Agency For Using “Tighten Up”


    Black Keys’ “Tighten Up” is the breakthrough that the band has needed since about 2005. I mean, my moms knows the words to that one, and I’m sure she told me to turn down Thickfreakness more than once. Which is why it’s surprising that an ad agency would just take the song and put it into a commercial, as the band is accusing a New York agency (Della Femina Rothschild Jeary & Partners) of doing in an ad for a New Jersey bank before the Grammys. Here’s what the band’s complaint says:

    “For at least a two-week period in February 2011 coinciding with the period leading up to and the aftermath of the 2011 Grammy Awards, the Agency and VNB knowingly created and ran a television commercial incorporating significant portions of [Tighten Up] without having sought or obtained a license from Nonesuch to do so,” according to a suit filed in Tennessee, where the group recently moved.

    The group is seeking unspecified damages, but expect them to clean up. There’s no excuse for using a song without permission. [Billboard]