Black Keys: “No One Will Remember Black Eyed Peas In 20 Years”

    Remember last year when MTV totally messed up the nameplate for the Black Keys’ Video Music Award for Breakthrough Video? Well, the blues-rock duo certainly does. And if you don’t remember, you can just look at the photo above and laugh as you remember the gaffe. Yes, MTV sent the Black Keys an award that mistakenly featured the Black Eyed Peas’ name.

    Even though the Black Keys wanted to keep the erroneous award as a joke, they apparently had to send it back if they wanted the corrected version. On that topic, guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach said the following in an interview with GQ:

    “We figured that we should get proper ones made with our names on it, because in 20 years, nobody’s going to know who the Black Eyed Peas are. We’d have this stupid award with Black Eyed Peas on it and nobody’s going to get the joke.” 

    Thank you, Dan, for saying exactly what everyone else has been thinking. Seriously. [SPIN]