Black Keys, Jim Jones and Mos Def Make Music Together

    Last night, Jim Jones lit up his Twitter with a message saying he was headed to the studio to meet with the Black Keys:

    “I’m on my way to me the black keys a new rock n roll group then summer jam rehearsal lg.”

    That in itself is pretty bizarre. Why would Jim Jones, aka the worst rapper not named Flo Rida or who isn’t in the Black Eyed Peas, be going to meet the Black Keys? And Capo, they’re not new.


    Then this morning, Jones posted this:

    “Aight back to our reg schedule I did some dope music with black keys and mos def last night def a good rock n roll experience.

    I’m not sure I’d trust Jones’ depiction of a “good rock n roll experience,” but still, that’s pretty bonkers. Why were they in the studio together?


    It turns out the foursome were working on music together. The music isn’t necessarily meant for anything; they were just jamming. I’m wondering if the Keys are looking for a new experience in the studio and brought in rappers to work with. Either that or they’re making beats for Jones and Mos, which would be pretty awesome.


    No word on when to expect any music from the session. [Pitchfork]


    Photo Credit: Chris Owyoung/