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Black Keys Dude Writes Awesome Lebron James Letter

The Black Keys' Patrick Carney wrote a pretty awesome editorial about Lebron James for Wall Street Journal last week, but not awesome in the way you think: He doesn't go gully on Lebron for leaving Cleveland or anything (in fact he's for James doing what he wants), instead, he refers to himself in the third person for the entirety of the piece. Here's what he said:


LeBron James is from Akron, OH as are Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys.


It’s a hard place to be from. There are very few jobs, the economy has been struggling for years and most of Patrick Carney’s favorite places growing up have since closed.


In fact, it became so hard to be there Patrick Carney left. Patrick Carney moved to New York City last August and embraced a new city where everything is at Patrick Carney’s fingertips. However, leaving Akron doesn’t mean Patrick Carney doesn’t consider it home and not a day goes by that Patrick Carney doesn’t miss certain things about it - the people mostly.

Classic stuff here. Go here to read the rest of Patrick Carney's missive about Lebron James leaving Patrick Carney's hometown of Akron. 

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The Black Keys

Huge mural of LeBron James removed from side of downtown building in Cleveland. A Nike spokesman said he did not know what the company plans to do with the sign.

Creative employment: Have Nike call Kimberly Clark. Maybe the sign can be blended with other paper and cut into little pieces (employment) then packaged as axe wipe and sold at a discount to Cleveland. They would probably buy the whole supply.

Oh, and we saw the J Jackasson photo op coming.
He’s hip to the Rahm slogan, "You just can’t let a crisis go to waste." Maybe when he's done cutting off bamao's balls he can go for Dan's.

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