Black Francis says new Pixies record “makes sense”

    Since the Pixies reunited in 2004, there has been a “new Pixies record is imminent” story accompanying the release of every album by Black Francis and Kim Deal. But few of those rumors were originated by a member of the band, as the one I’m, about to relay is. Lead singer Black Francis has told NME that a new album from the legendary band would “makes sense.”


    Sure it makes sense, but Kim Deal has basically put that off since the reunion tour e

    ended, repeatedly telling anyone with ears that she only joined the tour to support guitarist Joey Santiago and drummer David Lovering.


    But Black Francis acknowledged that the album wouldn’t work without everyone on board.


    "I have to see if the band as a whole wants to go into the recording studio for a new record," he told NME. "That makes sense on some level. For us, there’s gotta be an angle. It can’t be just playing our old songs over and over."


    Let the rumor mill start up again. [NME]