Black Francis Likes Money, Defends Right To Make Lots By Playing With The Pixies

    Plenty of people, including the sainted Kurt Cobain, have tried to make Black Francis into an icon of alternative music when all the man really wants to do is make a little coin. After recently saying that he “did the arty farty part,” Francis said that he didn’t want to pay tribute to the Pixies’ catalog so much as make serious loot playing it. Of course, many of his fans, the ones who probably still live in their parents’ basements,  were taken aback and tried to portray Francis as just another sell-out rock star. He offers the following response:


    “I admire people who can be like ‘I just can’t think about the money. I just make art and let other people worry about that. It’s wimpy to get all high and mighty, everyone acting like they’re fucking monks or something in the Church of Rock.”


    Francis would like us to think that the Pixies might get together if the price was right, but the question is moot right now. With the state of the economy, there’s barely enough money to get Culture Club back together. [Spinner]