Black Francis Has Plans for New Pixies Album

    Black Francis talked to NME about the Pixies‘ future plans and said that the band’s next album would be music for a film and they would seek to work with a film director, “Quentin Tarantino or something like that.” Francis mentioned the possibility of a studio album, but that would only come after extensive live performances made them bored with their old songs. “We’d have to finally get sick of playing the old repertoire and go, ‘Alright, fuck it. Let’s play new songs in our set’,” said Francis. Fans of the Pixies have been waiting since 1991’s Trompe Le Monde for new music from the band, but this is not the first time the tantalizing possibility has been floated by Francis, so far with no concrete results.


    It could be the high standards set by the Pixies‘ earlier work that’s preventing a new release, as Francis doesn’t want to fall short and disappoint fans. “There’s a fear that if we try to commit something to tape then even if it doesn’t come out stellar, somehow those recordings will get leaked,” he said. “The band is beloved by its audience, so we don’t want to fuck it up.”


    In the meantime fans will have to content themselves with the box set Minotaur, also once rumored to be a new album.