Black Eyed Peas Steal Basement Jaxx Font and Are Making Really Dumb Video

    A mini-controversy is erupting centered around the promotion for the new Black Eyed Peas abum, The E.N.D.: It seems that the posters for the album are lifting the font from Basement Jaxx’s logo. While font theft is a trickier thing to prove, and less of an issue than song or cover theft, the way that the posters are arranged is reminiscent of past Basement Jaxx promotions. Here are the pictures for you to compare:


    [via Daily Swarm]


    In other Black Eyed Peas news, the band just filmed a video for “Boom Boom Pow,” which is the number one song in the country, and MTV was there to interview the band about the clip, and not necessarily surprising, the idea is pretty stupid–the group becomes energy–and no one (not even Fergie) can really explain it in any way that actually makes any sense. sports a pretty sweet reverse Gumby cut though, but given his explanation of living in the digital afterlife, he is not worthy to roll with Pokey. [via Videogum]