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Black Eyed Peas Pay Off Freeland After Stealing His Music


The Black Eyed Peas have reached an out-of-court cash settlement with electronic producer Adam Freeland, whose "Mancry" was used without permission to make "Party All the Time." admitted the unfair jacking, and said a settlement would be coming, so this is that. The details of the settlement were not revelead, but Freeland announced via his Twitter that he'll buy anyone who recognizes him a beer if they say "Party All the Time." There are rumors of other out-of-court illegal sample settlements regarding The E.N.D. coming soon. [Daily Swarm]   

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Black Eyed Peas

yeah yeah i know you don't like the black eyed peas. i just think its funny how when a band you think makes crap music doesn't clear a sample its "stealing" and "unfair jacking" but when say your bud lil wayne does it (check your feb. 2 post) it's actually "copyright infringement" for "taking significant portions". yeah you make me laugh with a lot of your stuff but i'd actually respect your opinion if you took a stand on sampling and stuck to it instead of giving some people a free pass and then turning around and using the same case against a band you don't like as futher evidence that they're talentless hacks. the only clever part of this is freeland's offer. i.e. this post is beneath you


I'm not sure what Lil Wayne song Cory is referring to. But there is a difference between sampling a bit of a song for creative effect (like Drake does with Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds "Fallin' in Love" for "You're the Best") and taking a track wholesale and using it as the musical bed for your rap (like the Black Eyed Peas do here). This seems more like a steal than a sample.

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