Black Dice are the Repo men

    Live dates with Battles, Gang Gang Dance and the Butthole Surfers have kept Black Dice busy since their last record, the epic Load Blown. They’ve found a new and comfortable home on Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks imprint, and are set to release a new album via the label on April 7. The record, titled Repo, is described by band member Aaron Warren as having “a more unified sound” than their previous outing.

    Repo was recorded at the Rare Book Room studio in Brooklyn and will come with a 20-page book of images and artwork created by the band. Expect extreme eardrum damage at the ensuing live shows that will follow the release of the record, which bears wonderful Black Dicean titles like “Idiots Pasture” and “Night Cream.” Whether the album title was inspired by the classic 1984 Emilio Estevez/Harry Dean Stanton flick Repo Man is as yet unknown.


    Full tracklisting for Repo:


    01 Night Cream
    02 Glazin
    03 Earnings Plus Interest
    04 Whirligig
    05 La Cucaracha
    06 Idiots Pasture
    07 Lazy
    08 Buddy
    09 Inches
    10 Vegetable
    11 Urban Super Mist
    12 Ultra Vomit
    13 Gag Shack