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Björk talks Timbaland

Via: NME
Speaking to the NME, Björk has revealed the backstory behind how she came to work with Timbaland on her forthcoming album, Volta. According to the Icelandic songstress it was a simple case of mutual interest and was bound to happen eventually.
"It was a mutual admiration thing going on, and over the years we had discussed working together one day. And (for Volta) we just sort of decided to go for it."
Björk made it clear that she didn't approach Timbaland because of his current status as "it" producer:
"It wasn't like I was desperate for the hottest producer. I just thought for a long time that we might be really, really different, but we have this tiny little section that we have in common. I guess I was just up for a bit of action in my music, and maybe that's why this became sort of the moment where we decided to go for it."
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