Bjork Reveals More ‘Biophilia’ Details, Cover Art

    Even though you are still digesting Bjork’s latest Biophilia single, the soaring ballad of “Cosmogony,” she would like to offer you some more details about the album. First, take a moment to take in the record’s appropriately organic cover art, which you can see to the left of this text. Then, open up your bank account information to find out if you can afford the hefty price-tag of the Biophilia deluxe edition.


    According to Pitchfork, you can spend $800 and receive the following:

    [T]he album (encased in “black uncoated board wallets”), a lacquered and silkscreened oak hinged-lid case, the “Biophilia Manual” (a “48-page, full-color, hardbound, cloth-covered, and thread-sewn book, tipped on lenticular panel to the front cover, with foil-blocked spine and back cover”), and “10 chrome-plated tuning forks, silkscreened on one face in 10 different colors, stamped at the back, and presented in a flocked tray. Each fork is adjusted to the tone of a Biophilia track, covering a complete octave in a non-conventional scale”.

    Holy shit.


    Anyway, you can also spend absolutely nothing and get that iPad app for the album on iTunes right now. As we reported in June, the album’s 10 tracks will get a song-centric iPad app that will play off the themes and titles of each track.


    Biophilia drops on CD and vinyl Sept. 27 on Nonesuch/One Little Indian.