Bjork Launches New Website, Becomes One With the Internet

    If you turned Bjork into a website, what would it be like?  Would it be set in outer space? Probably. Would it have anything as pedestrian as menus, or would browsing it feel like infinitely falling though a game of Asteroids? Would Bjork’s disembodied voice talk to you about the using technology “emotionally”? Would the whole thing be exciting, ambitious, confusing, and a little frustrating? Obviously, yes, yes, and yes.


    The new, launched today, is all of those things. Timed roughly to the start of her Biophilia campaign, a “multi-media project encompassing music, apps, internet, installations and live shows,” which the cynical might call an album and a bunch of album promotional materials, it promises to be the “complete hub for all past, present and future Björk information.” At least eventually. All you can really do there now is catapult around some galaxies and hear Bjork give a little speech. Which, depending on who you are, is totally worth your time.


    It’s optimized for Chrome and Safari, and honestly seems like it would work best on an iPad (the mouse controls are a little clunky – use shift + the directional pad if you get stuck). Go check it out, if you dare.