Bjork Brings ‘Biophilia’ Back To NYC

    Idiosyncratic Icelandic imp Bjork will be conducting a summer school for New York’s children as her Biophilia workshops return to the city this summer. An absorbing alchemy of technology, nature and art, the show originally came to New York in January as an audio visual science and music educational program for middle school students.  The workshops are scheduled to run between July 6 and Dec 30.

    Taking students away from shackles of the conventional science classroom, students are lead on investigative studies of some of the scientific concepts  found in the wacky warbler’s  album 2011 concept album of the same name. Her Biophilia iPad / iPhone app for allows students to zoom around the cosmos, create their own crystals, learn of the relationships of viruses and cells, all to the lush, emotive music of the album. Drop in workshops will be held, as well as summer camps and family sessions at the New York Public Library.