Bjork and Dirty Projectors Preview ‘Mount Wittenberg Orca’


    We already know Bjork is good friends with the folks from Dirty Projectors following their Housing Works benefit show in New York in 2009. Now, they are set to team up again, this time for a mysterious collaboration that is set to surface on June 30. This teaser trailer for the project doesn’t offer many clues as to what we’re about to see or hear, other than it’s called “Mount Wittenberg Orca,” which Longstreth has talked about in the past.


    Dave Longstreth has said the piece “is about a day three weeks ago that Amber Coffman was in Northern California watching whales from a mountain called Mount Wittenberg. The six songs are imagining the moment Amber saw this whale, and the whale saw her.” He also claims it’s “definitely like Bitte Orca’s younger, hotter sister.” Needles to say, this should be one of the most intriguing releases of 2010.