Bizzy Bone Signs To Metal Label Sumerian

    The indie metal heads are probably so pissed: It was announced that indie metal label, Sumerian, has signed former Bone Thug Bizzy Bone to a contract, and has plans to release his Crossroads 2010 on the label. It seems like the story started as a late April Fool’s joke, but no, it’s totally for reals:

    “It’s true and the album is incredible! Anyone who has closely followed the label knows that we have never been one dimensional in the bands we have signed and the records we have released. While we have been making a meaningful impact on the current state of heavy music, the true theme to Sumerian has always been about progressive music, not just metal. Bizzy Bone is one of the most progressive vocalists I have ever heard! Known in his genre for being the fastest yet the most melodic, the most technical yet the most harmonic, the marks Bizzy has left in music are something I will always love. The fact that Bizzy and Bone Thugs all booked one way Greyhound tickets to LA and lived on the streets until they were able to get discovered and signed is true artist dedication to their craft. This same spirit is something that has allowed many Sumerian bands to organically build their careers and achieve their dreams.”

    The label’s reasoning totally makes sense, in a way. He is working outside the major label world, and he is different than the mainstream. The album is also a “rap-rock hybrid,” so I guess there’s that. He’s also got a metal-friendly background. Go to his Wikipedia page and read that shit. It’s crazy. Bizzy’s rap-rock album is due out this year.  [Metal Insider]