Birdman Says “OKC Gotta Pay For That Disrespect They Did To My Son (Lil Wayne)”

    Lil Wayne is not letting up on what he viewed as disrespect from the Oklahoma City Thunder staff during the playoffs. What started out as being denied entry during The Western Conference Finals and continued as the staff treating Weezy like “shit” during the Finals has gotten the attention of Young Money CEO Birdman. And it’s become increasingly clear that you don’t fuck with Young Money, because if you mess with one, you mess with the whole family.

    “OKC gotta pay for their disrespect that they did with my son…The arena, just the arena because I love the people of OKC. It’s the arena and how they been disrespectful. Fuck them. I have no respect for them and the way they just disrespected another black man who tryin’ to come to their arena that happens to be my son. It’s Miami Heat all day every day anyway, but that’s just how I feel personally,” Birdman recently told MTV News.

    But seriously guys, let’s calm down just a pinch and remember that Wayne was denied entry to the Western Conference Finals game because he did not possess a ticket, and then after talking smack and rooting for the other team he expects royal treatment? Really? I get it, you’re a celebrity, but even famous people need to pull their heads out of their asses every once in awhile. Just sayin’.