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Birdman Buys $2.5 Million Car, Reminds Everyone What An A-Hole Looks Like


Look, I'm not a rich man. I've got maybe two large in the bank, and total assets of a complete series Wire DVD set and a pretty cool Led Zeppelin T-shirt (with only two holes!). But know this: I am not jealous of Birdman's $2.5 million car, because he is an asshole. Seriously. Who buys a $2.5 million car, and then invites a YouTube videographer to film him bragging about it and basically acknowledges that he got the car from pushing acts like Mack Maine and Tyga down our throats? I mean seriously, go to hell Birdman. For god's sake: That car is worth more than the economies than most central Africa nations, and its annual upkeep ($300,000) is even more ridiculous. At least I can rest easy knowing I never wrote any of the songs on Pricele$$. Though then again Birdman probably didn't either.    


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showoff! i'm talking about andross and his wire dvds. that birdman is one humble guy.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

How much is the car note on that thing?


if you can afford it why not buy it, its hard earned money. but there will always be hatersss such as Andrew Winistorfer who is a blogger and cant afford things of that nature lol.


Is the owner that foul mouthed spade fellow? I have to admit he has some taste, as the Bugatti Veyron is a probably the peak of evolution of the IC engine. Volkswagen I understand lose money on each of these cars they make.

Deepinder Cheema

Your a lil girl dude......Young Money/Cash Money all day! Keep sippin' that hateraid kid. If you got it, then why the hell not buy the Bugatti?!?!?!? What's the point of making the car if your not going to buy it? YMCMB!

Syrian 22

This Critic/Reporter Needs To Stop Hating Cuz Birdman Can Afford that car nd the guy dat reported diz cnt even afford a mercedez benz

Some Random Guy

What has Baby done to deserve that car? He was BY FAR the worst Big Tymer, he doesn't write his own rhymes (he's admitted that) and they're still garb. With Drake and Wayne making bank, I can understand them getting $2.5 million whips, but not garbage Baby.


who cares abt 2.5 million for car, that so silly .


That car is worth more than the economies of some Central African country? Just show how retarded this writer is. Please give us the details liar.


Birdman ur a real stunna, u alwayz do differents from them. Conglatulation man encourage if possible buy an ocean.


what people dont know is bird man is more of an enterprernure and not a singer like lil wayne.. he is a good bussines man, he make more money from bussiness than music. get that straight...


who eva wrote this aritcal is stupid, africa is poor but only a stupid american thinks "That car is worth more than the economies than most central Africa nations" stupid chump


This is wonderful...2.5 Million $$$? Birdman, you are different among the rest. Keep it up.


don't hate on that man becaues he put his self in a spot to get money and you put yo self in a spot to hate


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