Birdman Buys $2.5 Million Car, Reminds Everyone What An A-Hole Looks Like


    Look, I’m not a rich man. I’ve got maybe two large in the bank, and total assets of a complete series Wire DVD set and a pretty cool Led Zeppelin T-shirt (with only two holes!). But know this: I am not jealous of Birdman’s $2.5 million car, because he is an asshole. Seriously. Who buys a $2.5 million car, and then invites a YouTube videographer to film him bragging about it and basically acknowledges that he got the car from pushing acts like Mack Maine and Tyga down our throats? I mean seriously, go to hell Birdman. For god’s sake: That car is worth more than the economies than most central Africa nations, and its annual upkeep ($300,000) is even more ridiculous. At least I can rest easy knowing I never wrote any of the songs on Pricele$$. Though then again Birdman probably didn’t either.