Biopic Of Former Beach Boy Dennis Wilson In The Works


    There are three things Dennis Wilson was known for during his tragically brief time on the planet. His stint in the Beach Boys was, or course, legendary, but if you get drunk with a blowhard music geek in a bar and get to talking about Brian’s younger brother, they’re bound to mention his association with Charles Manson and his classic 1977 solo opus, Pacific Ocean Blue.


    The latter was reissued in 2008 and justifiably ended up being voted Reissue of the Year by both Rolling Stone and Mojo. Now, it appears that a biopic of Wilson is in the works, with director Randall Miller and screenwriter Jody Savin both slaving away on a movie that will depict his tragic descent in his later years.


    “Dennis was a pained and tortured soul, yet brilliant and loved dearly by so many who knew him,” said Miller. “This film has the makings of a tour-de-force performance in the hands of the right actor.” Who that actor will be remains a mystery for now, but the movie has the blessing of Wilson’s family and the filmmakers have secured the rights to his music, so there is hope that this will be a tasteful portrayal.


    [via Exclaim]