Billy Crystal Describes The Origins Of His ‘Princess Bride’ Character

    It may be hard to believe, but The Princess Bride is turning 25 this year. To celebrate, an anniversy Blu-Ray is being released to show the picture in all its glory. However, the best part might be the special features that shed some light on how the movie was actually made. 

    One of the most delightful concerns beloved character Miracle Max, who was memorably played by Billy Crystal (and a couple of pounds of old man makeup). A movie as strange and diverse as The Princess Bride has some wild characters, but the inclusion of a wizened old Jewish wizard living in the woods takes the cake. In the video below (via Vulture), Crystal and Carl Reiner discuss how Miracle Max’s voice and mannerisms ended up being a loving tribute to comedy great Mel Brooks. 

    Another interesting tidbit surrounding The Princess Bride comes from the Los Angeles Times, which shares some comments from the film’s screenwriter William Goldman. Apparently the legendary scribe has been struggling for years to come up with a way to create a plausible sequel, but so far he’s stumped. Here’s hoping he’s able to figure it out in a way that won’t ruin the magic of the original.